Beginner's Guide To: Buying Broadband Cheap

As Internet has victoriously conquered all distant corners of the UK, customers have reason to rejoice. Internet service providers' network investments have now been reduced to maintenance costs and this helps them come up with massive price cuts for broadband. Offers get ever more attractive and it is worth checking them out at least once every three months.

Whether in a bundle with TV or with extras such as a proprietary safety technology or a router, the promo heat is on. Broadband prices begin from as low as £2.50 a month, this naturally being the price for the promotional period.

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Limited or Unlimited Cap

In persuing the promotions and regular offers, you need to first determine whether you are a modest or intensive user. If can fit well within usage of up to 10 GB or 40 GB, then there is no need to overpay by buying broadband with unlimited cap.

Bundle or Not

The promotion board is growingly scant in offering broadband alone. Now Internet goes hand in hand with phone and TV offerings and you have to seek for the combination that will suit you best. For example, if you love watching TV, then bet on the offer which, along with broadband, will offer you a richer set of TV channels. If, however, you enjoy chatting over the phone, then grab the promo with free calls for a year, or that with free evening or weekend calls.

Need for speed?

If you want superfast internet connection, go for fibre optic broadband. The mega speeds of 120 MB will give the opprotunity to maintain gaming, downloading and browsing at the same time with no slowing down at all. If you don't need that then the choice is even wider between speeds and providers. To enjoy average browsing on the web you need 30 MB and most providers will be able to offer you that. The first thing is to determine the type of user you are.

Mind the contract term

If you see excellent terms and you are ready to strike a deal, then consider your current situation. If you are currently into a long-term contract, then see how much contract dissolution will cost you and whether this sum will not override the benefits of the promo you have eyed. As an alternative, you can check the offers only of your current provider. Usually, switching from one plan to another will go free of charge.


TalkTalk will usher you into the era of Superfast Fibre Broadband where you are expected to get 4x as fast download rate and 2x as fast upload rate. With this provider, connection is complimentary.

At British Telecom you can choose among different download speeds and usage caps, bundle them with TV and phone offers of your choice. With uSwitch you can see the offers of all UK broadband providers and take an informed decision in full transparency. Take your time to shortlist and compare. After all, the choice is not only yours but you also one for your family and yourself.

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Alan O., Hull
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