Buyer's guide: Cheap Car Insurance

Choosing car insurance can seem like a rather unexciting task, however those that choose to stay with the providers that they have used for a number of years can be missing out on significant savings. In this guide we talk you through the process of finding cheap car insurance and how you don’t have to compromise on cover for cost.

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Finding cheap car insurance

Comparison websites

Comparison websites are undoubtedly the best place to start your car insurance search; they list thousands of providers and allow you to narrow down your search to insurers that offer the best prices based on the cover you need and your details.

Comparing like for like

Whilst comparison websites will show results based on broadly comparable car insurance packages (such as comprehensive or third party) you do need to bear in mind that policies can have small but important differences. Checking the finer details can be the difference between getting a good deal and getting insufficient coverage.

Contacting providers directly

Not all providers are on comparison websites, so you need to ensure that you contact other providers directly, particularly where providers cater for specific groups of people (such as young drivers, or drivers over 50).

Factors to consider when choosing car insurance

The importance of details

Making sure that you enter the correct details cannot be underestimated; even the smallest of incorrect details can mean that your insurance policy is null and void following an accident or theft. Car insurance companies are notoriously difficult when it comes to claims, and the first thing that they’ll check will be the basic details were correct when the policy was taken out.

Choosing between reputable insurance companies and online companies

You will probably find during your search that you come across providers that are lesser known or even based solely online; this is far from uncommon, and such companies have become increasingly competitive in recent years due to being smaller and having lower over heads than their large insurance company competitors. In the majority of cases all companies are just as well equipped to insure you as the next company.

Levels of cover

Choosing between levels of cover can be difficult, on the one hand you want to be fully protected in any event, and in the other you may want to reduce your monthly bills. Deciding this should be based on the age and condition of your car, as well as your financial standing. If your car is new then it is obviously unwise to go for anything less than fully comprehensive cover. Additionally, if your finances are tight from month to month, then you need to consider how you’d replace your car in the event of a write off, regardless of the car’s age.

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