Buyer's Guide: Confident and Composed with Composite Doors

Most door makers will tell you that front doors, whatever the material and style, needs to be safe, solid and weather-proof. This trinity achieved, you will have all reasons to be confident and composed with your choice. Composite front doors line up among the door types which meet these requirements and it is worth inquiring into technicalities before taking your final decision.

There are a few things that require consideration when buying a new composite door and the most important are security and style. Our guide will help you decide which door exactly you want to buy.

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What's inside

The composite front door, like its name purports, contains of multiple materials, all of which are hi-tech. Depending on the manufacturer, the materials used can be high density foam, toughened glass, laminated sub-frames and others. Usually, they are designed as single-leaf doors yet the blend of materials inside help withstand severe weather and high impact. Look for the British Standard mark to ensure doors' compatibility with the British requirements for doors.

Any mold, solid or glazed

With composite front doors, there is no end to variations because materials' pliability helps door leaves appropriate the form of any mold. Should you wish, the form can allow space for glass if you feel like having light streaks in your vestibule. If safety is your primary concern, then it is better to buy a solid door.

Multiple locking points

Along safety lines, composite front doors permit the installation of multiple locking systems. Usually situated along the door opening line, locks can be placed on the inside leaf of the door as well on the middle top and bottom of the door. Door manufacturers will present you with alternatives and it is you to match the degree of safety that you need to the number and positioning of the locks.

Exact measurements matter

Make sure that you buy a door and entrust its installation to door manufacturers who will take the exact measurements of your door. This is a 99% guarantee that you are safe of drafts and unpleasant-looking misfits with adjoining walls.


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