A Guide Into Buying Conservatory Blinds

Although not cheap, conservatory blinds are an essential complement to your cozy and year-round-friendly decor. Summertime, it keeps the place cool by blocking entry of sultry rays and wintertime it does the reverse by letting scant sunshine in.

It is also the solution if you covet privacy or if you'd like your glass roof and walls to be protected from weather excesses of all kinds and to prevent the colours of furniture inside the conservatory from fading.

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Choosing a type

Nowadays, blinds manufacturers offer ample choice and you need to be clean and clear about your preferences to sift down that choice down to a couple of options. First, you have to decide whether you would like them to be made of fabric, plastic or wood. Then decide whether you would like them to be of the Roman, Venetian, vertical, rolled or pleated type. Further on, you have to know outright whether you would like them to be transparent or not, external or internal. And last but not least, consider your colour of choice.

Automated or not

Once decided on the appearance and type of your conservatory blinds, you have to decide whether you would like your blinds to be opened and closed automatically or not. A number of blinds manufacturers already offer mechanisms which can open and close blinds remotely. Remote control also allows blinds to be opened and/or closed automatically at a preset time of the day.

Always made to measure

Bear in mind that because conservatories are so versatile in size, style and shape, it is close to impossible to have a standard solution. Therefore, allow your preferred provider to arrive and get measurements and then some time for them to be manufactured. It is no less important to mentally prepare that bespoke solutions always come at a cost.

Where to buy?

At Thomas Sanderson, you have a range of remote controlled blinds which this manufacturer pioneered back in 1998. Automatic control sees you no longer in need of poles and wands whose operation may be quite time-consuming, especially if your conservatory is large and is made up of many individual glass panes and blinds for every single one of them.

With Hillary's, many types of blinds await your call. Take your time to review the close to a dozen types of blinds on offer. Browse the conservatory blinds range for the roof, sides and the motorised version and make your choice.

Blinds 2Go claim having a low-cost solution for your conservatory. Available in pleated and Venetian versions, in many colours and shades, you can have your solution delivered for free if your order is worth £99 and more.

Latest Feedback
I've got a conservatory measuring 5 meteres by 4 metres, with windows all the way around. I want vertical blinds on the windows in a good quality, homely material. How much should I expect to pay for these blinds?

Kami, Glasgow
Our conservatory is soooo hot, we can't use it and have to draw the curtains to the dining room or it makes the downstairs so hot. Would vertical conservatory blinds help?

Jane J., Brighton
What would be the cheapest place to buy conservatory blinds from?

Matt P., Edinburgh
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