Buyer's Guide: A guide to choosing curtains for your home

Curtains are regular accessories to our homes suggesting not just privacy but also a stylish finish to your home's interior. Colour, composition, lining, drop and pleat and their compatible combination thereof are all important components in build-up to an overall good impression. Not to mention that to look right, curtains need to be properly cut to the measurements of the window and wall.

Just choosing the colour is not enough for the perfect picture but you will aslo need to take measures and make a choice between ready measured or made to measure. Our guide is here to help you decide easier and find your perfect curtains online.

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Take measurements

However delicate sateen can be, if it is so long as to sweep the floor or too narrow as to hardly reach from end to end, it will no longer have the intended smashing effect. To avoid this, take the exact measurements of the curtain you intend to replace. If you find this difficult, refer to the measuring guides available on a score of curtain stores. Apart from track or pole length, you will have to measure sill length, below-sill length and full length.

Made to measure or ready made

You might be lucky having a home of standard dimensions. Then you can spare the hassle of measuring and choosing each and every component by yourself. Most curtain websites will offer you a rich range of curtains with types of fabric and headings on end. If you want a quick and a slightly cheaper solution, then this might be the first section to review. If, however, the window and room arrangements are breaking the norm, then consider the made to measure option. Then measurements are obligatory indeed, as well as the correct choice of heading.


Most stores will offer the pencil pleat heading as the standard option yet do not discard outright the double- or triple pleat or platelet headings. Heavy curtains might look much better with the platelet option while the pencil pleat option is a neat fit with the finer and transparent fabrics.

Where to buy?

With 247 Curtains the choice is really yours. Take advantage of the offer to order swatches and ensure that what you see is what you get. The website has excellent promotions year round with up to 35% discounts. Laura Ashley, for its part, has curtains which suit both your home and office. Unlike other providers, delivery is prompt. Your order will be with you on the next day. You are also entitled to returns.

Tuiss is also a must-see. The top part of the homepage shows you how to do an organised search. Mark the boxes for colour, range, texture that interest to you and head for a review.

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