Buyer's guide:Buying shower screens

While it is invigorating to get a lavish shower, it is far from elating to crawl and rub away large splashes of water after this shower. Having no enclosure to contain water within limits can leave a bad after-shower taste. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid it and one is shower screens. A shower screen will not only prevent those unwanted splashes but also bring in a certain style in your bathroom. Here is a short guide alerting you of shower screen essentials.

What type of glass?

The first and most important issue is quality of material. If you have opted for clear glass, receive assurances that it will not get dim with the time. If patterned, ensure that it is impressed within the very glass to avoid scratching or scraping it. Besides, if you have children or pets, ensure that glass is toughened to minimise its brittleness.

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Framed or not? Towel rails?

An important decision is whether you would prefer to have glass only or have it framed with a water-friendly material. If you'd like to have the latter, ensure that it is just as easy to clean as the glass itself. A towel rail on your shower screen would be an excellent option if your bathroom is small in size or if you wish to wipe yourself dry without exiting the shower area.

How wide and how high

Shower screens need not be too wide. A good reference point for optimum width is the reach of water coming out of your shower. In terms of height, you can either opt for top-to-bottom solution or have it come from the level of the showerhead right to the very floor.

Fixed, pivot, sliding or folding?

Just like with windows, shower screens can be installed in four different ways. The cheapest solution would be to have it fixed, while the pivot option allows easier cleaning by moving the screen sideways. The sliding shower screen, for its part, looks much like a glass cabin and the folding offers a neat way to tuck glass next to the wall and make it less prone to breakage.

First Bathrooms has an excellent range of shower screens with ongoing sales promotions with good discounts. If in a hurry, you can arrange for same day delivery if you buy before 2pm.

BetterBathrooms offers 6 mm shower screens with towel rails which can be purchased at the cheapest price available on the market. Their price promise guarantees that.

With SplashDirect, you can enjoy a wide diversity of shower screens. See the individual sections of fixed/pivot, sliding and folding solutions to ensure that you have only the model that suits your pretentious taste.

Latest Feedback
There are always splashes coming out of the shower. Am I using the wrong shower screen or it it to be expected?

Mary S., Coventry
I'll be getting a new bathroom and was wondering if a shower screen is necessary if it will be tiles all over the floors and walls. Any suggestions?

James K., Tyne
Does it matter how thick is my shower screen? Do they not prevent splashes the same way?

Kate M., Devon
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